Free Webradio Directory

This is a project to collect all permanent and semi-permanent webradio stations on the internet and provide the information in XML-format for everyone who wants it.

I am currently working on the database design and web frontend so nothing is here yet..

The database will be editable by everyone in a WIKI-like way.

Please check back later!


Here are some test while you are waiting (use guest/guest as login/passwd):

All stations in Freevo's format
All stations in GXine's format
ASX of station#1 (Rant Radio) 128kbps
ASX of station#1 (Rant Radio) 24kbps
M3U of station#1 (Rant Radio) 128kbps
PLS of station#1 (Rant Radio) 128kbps
Mixed tests...

You can add your own stations HERE!

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